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Advanced Navigation for the Camping Enthusiast

  • Camper routin and road warnings help guide your Camper or Caravan.
  • Includes free Digital Traffic via DAB, plus free live services such as LiveTrack, basic weather information, and more using the Smartphone Link app.
  • Hands-free features include Bluetooth calling, smart notifications and voice-activated navigation.
  • Filterable Motorhome Campsite data from ACSI, NKC, and MotorHomeFacts.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for easy map and software updates; no computer needed.
  • Includes lifetime safety camera updates

  • Camper 770LMT-D is our advanced navigator for the roving camper enthusiast. It allows you to enjoy the freedom of the open road while traveling with some helpful guidance features. Camper 770LMT-D is a large, easy-to-view GPS navigator with a 6.95” edge-to-edge touchscreen display that fits prominently in a camper or your car. It provides road warnings and custom routing based on the size and weight specifications of your camper or caravan. It even includes a directory to Motorhome Campsite data from leading sources like ACSI, NKC, and MHF. Filter Campgrounds and stop-over sites with preferred amenities such as electric hookups, showers, internet access. It also features Easy Route Shaping, Elevation Profile information and millions more new and popular places to visit and explore, thanks to our relationships with TripAdvisor and Foursquare.

    Drive with Customised Motorhome Routing

    Just input the specs of your camper or caravan, and then Camper 770LMT-D will use your camper profile to find the most efficient route . Your route will be determined based on the height, weight, length and width specifications of your vehicle.

    Live Services for Your Drive

    For Live Services such as weather forecasts or live parking information when you approach your destination, download the Smartphone Link app, which connects your Camper 770LMT-D navigator with your compatible smartphone. It also enables the LiveTrack feature, which lets you share your location so friends can track your whereabouts as you travel.

    Free Digital Traffic via DAB

    With the included combination power cable/traffic receiver, your Camper 770 LMT-D offers free digital traffic information for the useful life of your device. No need to pair to a smartphone, this traffic solution is ready right out of the box! Just plug your navigator into your vehicle power outlet to receive helpful traffic information and enjoy the adventure ahead.

    Enjoy Hands-free Features

    When you sync your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to Camper 770LMT-D, you get great features that let you stay connected without taking your hands off the wheel. Make hands-free phone calls, and receive smart notifications on your navigator’s display. That means you can see incoming calls, text messages and calendar reminders without having to reach for your phone. It also offers the convenience of voice-activated navigation. Say “voice command,” and then simply command your navigator with your voice while your hands never have to leave the steering wheel.

    Drive with Helpful Route Warnings

    Camper 770LMT-D is preloaded with detailed Europe maps that also include camper-related restrictions such as bridge heights, weight limits and related information for most major roads and highways. You’ll hear and see these helpful warnings, which can help prepare you for upcoming descents, ascents and more.

    The Camper 770LMT-D navigator features a handy map tool that allows you to view upcoming elevation information pertaining to your route all while viewing your map navigation screen. You can even tap on the elevation information to expand the elevation profile view, and see your current and upcoming elevation in greater detail. Viewing this information helps prepare you for possible steep grades along your route.

    Driver Alerts: Know Your Surroundings

    To encourage safer driving and increase situational awareness, Camper 770LMT-D provides driver alerts for sharp curves, speed changes, railway crossings and animal crossings. Additionally, the navigator will warn you when driving the wrong way on a one-way street and alert you to nearby schools and school zones. Receive notifications for nearby red light cameras and speed cameras, and even get fatigue warnings6 that suggest potential rest areas after several hours of driving.

    Easily Locate Campgrounds and Stopover Sites

    Camper 770LMT-D features Motorhome Campsite data from ACSI, NKC and MHF. Filterable campgrounds/Find campsites with preferred amenities such as electric hookups, showers and internet access.

    The Journey Is Better with TripAdvisor and Foursquare

    When you’re not familiar with the area, it’s nice to have something to point you in the right direction. That’s why we’re bringing TripAdvisor to your Camper 770LMT-D navigator. View ratings for travel points of interest, such as popular restaurants and attractions, along your route or near your destination. From the world’s largest travel site directly to your camper, we’re helping you find the stops that make the entire journey part of the destination. Also, locate new attractions with the built-in Trip Planner tool, which adds fun to road trips by suggesting interesting stops along the way. In addition, the Foursquare database of preloaded points of interest includes millions more new and popular restaurants, shops, services and more along your route.

    Choose Easy Route Shaping

    When you prefer to drive on certain streets or through specific towns, Easy Route Shaping lets you easily modify your route. Just add a point to the route you see onscreen and you’ll see a notification regarding how much time will be added.

    More Information at a Glance

    Camper 770LMT-D keeps your driving map onscreen at all times, and additional information appears alongside. It displays speed limit, current speed and estimated time of arrival. No matter where you are, always know what’s close. The Up Ahead feature is a constant stream of nearby places including restaurants, shops, hospitals and petrol stations that appears alongside your driving map and updates as you move along your route.

    Friendly Guidance from Garmin Real Directions

    Redefine “spoken turn-by-turn” directions with Garmin Real Directions. Our easy-to-understand driving directions use recognisable landmarks, buildings and traffic lights in addition to spoken street names, guiding you as if your best friend is sitting in the passenger seat. No more squinting to read distant street signs. Just listen for Real Directions to tell you, “Turn left at the traffic light,” or “Turn right after the red building.” Following directions has never been easier.

    Navigate Complex Interchanges with Ease

    Camper 770LMT-D navigator has Active Lane Guidance (ALG). ALG uses voice prompts and brightly coloured arrows to indicate the proper lane needed for your route. photoReal Junction View shows exits as they appear in real life in full colour and great detail. Bird’s Eye Junction View offers a detailed view of interchanges, looking down from overhead.

    Wi-Fi Keeps You up to Date

    We’re making it easy to keep your navigator up to date with built-in Wi-Fi. You don’t need a computer or even a software program to perform these easy updates. Whenever a new map or software update is available and you’re connected to a home Wi-Fi network that doesn’t require web browser sign-in, your navigator’s home screen will show a prompt indicating an available update. Simply plug your device into any outlet, and, as it charges, let your device update over Wi-Fi.

    Backup Camera Convenience

    The Camper 770 LMT-D navigation device and Garmin BC 30 wireless backup camera are sold separately, or may also be purchased as a bundled navigation solution (professional installation recommended). Once the navigator is wirelessly paired to the backup camera, you can easily see vehicles, pedestrians and other obstacles right on the Camper 770LMT-D navigator’s display as you move in reverse.

    Connect to a Garmin Smartwatch

    Camper 770LMT-D works with any Connect IQ compatible Garmin smartwatch, such as fenix 5 (sold separately), to provide driver alerts on your wrist plus handy smartwatch compass guidance to help you get from your parked vehicle to your final destination and back to your vehicle again.

    Rely on High-quality Maps

    The quality of map data can make all the difference between finding your destination and getting lost. High-quality HERE map data enables your Garmin device to provide you with the information you need, when you need it most — so you can travel to the special places you want to visit in your camper.

    Whats in the box

  • Camper 770 LMT-D
  • Lifetime maps and digital traffic (indicated by “LMT-D” after model number on the box)
  • Vehicle suction cup mount
  • Vehicle power cable
  • USB cable
  • Quick start manual
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